The word “Nibiru”.

Note: Translated words like ‘Nibiru indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.


God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

N+66 = “80”, 8, 6+2, 62.
6+66 = 72.
62 = 722.
22+66+66 = “od”.
Nibiru = “GOD ibru”.
I+66+66 … = “UFO”.
Nibiru = “GOD UFO biru”.
Bi is 2i, New Testament 9, book “gal”.
Al-66-66 .. = “R”.
Gr-66-66 = “ET”.
Nibiru = “GOD UFO ET ru”.
R +66+66 .. = “Al”, “Aluminum” = “Alin”, “Alien”. (um’cancel. I is nine, ie. N’s cancel)
Nibiru = “GOD UFO ET Alien u”.
U is 21, 2+19, “BS”.

Nibiru = “GOD UFO ET Alien BS”.

U is 21, 20+1.
20, book “Pr”.
P is 16, 6 = vi, 229, 2+29, 31.
Pr = “Mar”.
Ar-66-66 .. = “52”, book “1 Th”, “Ath”.
1 is one, o+66 = “Ha”.
ne-66-66 = “m”.

Nibiru = “GOD UFO ET Alien Math Ham”.

Note: It is hard to believe the heavenly things going on. The events which are not in accordance with the laws of physics/chemistry are impossible, stated another way, are miracles. Only GOD can perform miracles.

Stated simply, the heavenly anomalies are “GOD” having fun.

GOD communicates with us using the ET Corn Gods language and game.

Events have been preplanned to encode the nature of the event in the words which label the event. All the words of the Bible are precoded. One of the translations of the word “Abel” is“Label”.

GOD and UFO and ET and Alien are interchangable. ET’s, UFO’s, Aliens are GOD having fun.


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