The word “Kandahar”.

Note: Translated words like ‘Kandahar indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Ka is 111, C11, 311, March 11.
N is 14, 2+12, “2012”.
D is 4, book Nu.
Kandahar = “March 11, 2012 AD uahar”
uahar = raha
R is Ro.
Add 0+66+66 .. = sn, 19 AD, book 58, 58+66+66.. = “Gr”.
G is 7, b+5, “Be”.
R is 18, 108, Ch, R+T, “RT”
Raha = “Robert aha”.
Add o+66+66 = ng, n+G = ba.
Ba is barium
R is 18, R+d, rd-66-66 = “L”.
Ium = mi, g, (mi-66-66 .. = “G”)
L is 50, 5, five, I-f ve = cve, ee.
G is 7, 7+66+66 ,,, – “Su”.
U ia n+g, ng-66-66 = “o”, drop it.

Kandahar = “March 11, 2012 AD Robert Bales”

An is 1 AD, book 40, Mt, mt-66-66 …. = “924”, I 1212, “iLL”.
Kandahar = “Kill dahar”,
D+66+66 … = “Up”, backwards pu.
Kandahar = “Kill 16 uahar”.

Kandahar = “March 11, 2012 AD, Kill 16, Robert Bales”

How does George R. Simpson do these translations? See [HERE].  Other exact date translations [HERE].


See: [Afghanstan] and [Robert Bales]


4 thoughts on “The word “Kandahar”.

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  3. “The ET Corn Gods Language is used to uncover hidden meanings in words of the English Language.” You said the hidden language has been encrypted in English. I’m pretty sure Kandahar is not an english word. Guess you just screwed up eh?

    • God wrote the ET Corn Gods Language/Game, and he created all words, English and otherwise. Translations are not to tied to languages that the word may have been created in. Every word translation is a miracle, and GOD created miracles.
      In terms of the word “Kandahar”, the translation of this word (and the words “Robert Bales” and “Afghanistan”) shows that GOD knew that that terrible mass killing would take place by Robert Bales on that date. Scary to think of the revelation that GOD pre-plans everything — even terrible events like the Kandahar/Robert Bales killings.
      Thanks for asking

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