George R. Simpson files Response to James Randi et al Motion to Dismiss

On May 2, 2012, George R. Simpson filed a lawsuit against James Randi, James Randi Educational Foundation, and the Foundation President, D. J. Grothe [HERE].

Twenty days later, George R. Simpson filed an amended complaint for the lawsuit [HERE]. Defendants, James Randi etal were due to plead or otherwise defend the complaint by June 20, 2012, but they failed to do so.

In such an event, Plaintiff Simpson, in accordance with the Court rules [HERE] may file an motion for default. George R. Simpson filed that motion, [HERE]
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 55 [HERE] controls the conditions and consequences for filing a Motion for Default.

Other motions have been filed, but on July 25, 2012, George R, Simpson filed a response [HERE] to James Randi et al’s motion to dismiss [HERE]

Stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “George R. Simpson files Response to James Randi et al Motion to Dismiss

  1. I thought that you might be interested in Randi’s bad behavior in the past. Here is an example of Randi backing out of a test that he set up with homeopath George Vithoulkas:

    The part about Randi suggesting that they use “Jacques Benveniste’s design” is particularly bad because, if I remember properly, the whole reason that Vithoulkas approached Randi is because Vithoulkas had problems with “Jacques Benveniste’s design.” There also seem to be some things in that letter, posted on, that contradict other parts of that you quoted in your papers that you are filing with the court.

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