TAM — “The Amazing Meeting”.

The old guy, James Randi is gloating. Tomorrow is the first day of TAM — stands for “The Amazing Meeting“. Randi, holds court as POPE of the temple of Atheists and what he calls “Skeptics” — what’s unusual about calling yourself a “Skeptic” — shouldn’t everyone be skeptical?

Here’s what the 83 year old Pope of the Skeptics says about his being at TAM again. [HERE]

“When I wander into the lounge, a restaurant, or even into an elevator infested with TAM-ers, I catch bits of discussions that make me want to join in, but I’m usually on my way to some podcast, interview, press meeting, or other duty. As I’ve said before, I can always be interrupted for a word or two, for a hug, or just a quick greeting, but please don’t ever feel that you’re in my way, folks. I’m at TAM because it refreshes me and sends me back to my desk or to a lecture platform to deliver yet another harangue about harmful nonsense…”

I believe that what he puts out is “harmful nonsense” — he scares people away from things which might help them. How can anyone claim there is no GOD? [LOOK HERE]

James Randi gloats about his record with the $1Million Challenge, but I and others know that he has that record through trickery.  He won’t go ahead with my acceptance of his challenge — and I’m suing him.

The Amazing Randi is an amazingly bad person.

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