“GOD did the ET Corn Gods language/game”

Some of the James Randi “Groupies” Posters on www.randi.org – George Russel Simpson thread [HERE] are confused about who is controlling (created) the ET Corn Gods language/game.

The answer is simple: it is GOD who is doing it.

GOD controls and created everything. The Corn (crop) Circles, that’s also GOD. All things impossible are GOD’s work. If it couldn’t have happened, but it did, it is a demonstration of GOD doing miracles.

Other examples of GOD miracles:

  • Words in this blog which contain hidden meanings — examples [HERE]
  • The events of 911 2001 AD
  • The Pyramids and other impossible, couldn’t happen but it did monuments around the world.
  • And ET’s, UFO’s amd Aliens – that’s GOD having fun.

And, you want to know who set up James Randi as the target of the ET Corn Gods language/game lawsuit?  See words, “Extraterrestrial”, “UFO”, “Alien” .. pre-coded analogs containing James Randi.  [HERE]

It was GOD.

The “Creationists” are right.

GOD created everything, even the wacko Bible, pre-coded to make everything taught by religions wacko, and wrong.


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