A message to the “Church Goers” on Randi.org Forum

Proof that the ET Corn Gods language/game is “Paranormal”.

These are some of the Avatars used by posters on Randi.org, forum thread named “George Russel Simpson”. [HERE]

The thread was started in early March, 2012. It was populated for only a few days before the thread was turned off (you could look at posts, but no new posts could be added). Then, early in May, 2012, the Forum management allowed Posts to be added. The thread expanded quickly to four pages, then, all but one page was erased.

Now, posts are being added again, up to 2 pages, but shutdown on May 9, 2012, and turned on again in the afternoon (ET) of May 10, 2012.

Until yesterday, all the posts on the thread were negative about the ET Corn Gods language/game and the $1Million challenge by George Simpson. Lots of name-calling, poo-pooing and statements defamatory to George Simpson.

Then, yesterday, a poster, “The Central Scrutinizer”, a woman whose real name is “Rebecca” published the following post:

Rebecca’s Post
“I was previously one of those who thought the ET Corngod language was nonsense. However, after reading his elegant proofs in steps 55, 58 & 59, I now realize I was wrong, and ET Corngods is real. I am ashamed of my prior beliefs and other so called “skeptics” who still don’t see the light.”

This post changed the entire tone of the Post.

Rebecca is a rare individual. Only about one in four thousand people have the ability to perceive something that hasn’t been taught to them.

Rebecca is one of those rare individuals.

But the Forum posters have missed the point. They have missed the way the ET Corn Gods language/game works.

Here is a protocol proposed by Poster “X”.

“Generate a list of 25 unique names and birthdays. I’ll be courteous, and use real names and birthdays instead of making them up. Middle names included, Mr. Simpson can ignore them if they are not necessary.

Test 1: 5 known name/birthdays pairings, with Mr. Russel showing and explaining his methodology to get from name to birthday using the hidden language.

Test 2: 20 names and 20 birthdays, associations unknown (presumably unknown to the tester as well, to make the test properly blinded). Mr. Simpson uses his ET Corn Gods language system to determine which name is associated with which birthdate.

Required statistical analysis:
Number expected to be right by chance, and the error in that probability.
Number required to be right to qualify as a statistically significant improvement over chance.

Am I missing anything?”

The ET Corn Gods language/game is “Paranormal”, because there is a unique relationship between the letters of the alphabet, the chemical elements, the number 66, etc. (decoding rules or matrix)

And, the ET Corn Gods language/game works because GOD wants it to work. GOD has predetermined that certain translations work, by naming things long ago. Everything was predetermined by GOD.

GOD has predetermined that George R. Simpson would come up against James Randi in a test, prompted by a lawsuit.

To test whether the ET Corn Gods language/game comes up with more meaningful translations than would be expected using normal laws of probability, you have to compare the language translation results with a different translation matrix. Such a translation matrix was proposed in George R. Simpson’s $1Million Challenge application [HERE], and it is discussed at the end of the lawsuit Complaint [HERE]

Tip on the Coverage of the ET Corn Gods language/game:

Look at the translation of the words “ET Corn Gods”.
ng-66-66 = “o”, drop it.
or-666-66 .. = “0”, drop it.
C is 100, 1+33, “34”, Cd.
Cd = “C”.
Et is te, e id 5, v.
c, 3+66+66 .. = “New”

ET Corngods = “TV News”.

Those words which contain hidden messages are from “TV News”.

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