The word “Accident”.

George R. Simpson and James Randi

Note: Translated words like ‘Accident’  indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation. God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

A+66+66 – “Si”, add 0+66+66 … = “Sn”, “Son”, “Pson”, “Mpson”. (add “o”, s is 19, book PS, again. P is 16, book ne, ne-66-66 … = “M”)
C is 100, 1+33, 34, 4 is D, 500, 5+33, ch, 108, 18, “R”. (drop the “0”)
Cc+66+66 … = “GeGe”,
Add 0+66+66 .. = “Or”.
Accident = “Simpson, George R id ent”.
I+66+66 .. = “Sue”.
Accident = “Simpson, George R, Sued ent”.
De is 45, book of Romans.
Om is o m+66+66 .. = “one”
Romans = “Ra ans”.
An is 1 AD, “AD 1”, “Na”
Romans = “Ranas”.
N is ad, d is 4, 44. (add 40, book Mt, Mt-66-66 .. = “0”)
Romans = “Randas”.
Randas = Rand aa I = “Randi”. (a’s cancel)
Nt is Ad 20, book “James”.

Accident = “Simpson, George R., Sued Randi, James”.

Note: It was no accident, James Randi was predetermined

to be sued by George R. Simpson.


See the complaint [HERE]


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