The name “Whitley Strieber”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships bet?ween the word being translated and result of the translation. Loaded Letters/Words like the name of the incredible jerk, ‘Whitley Strieber‘, were preplanned to contain special relationships between the letters, and therefore uncover the intended hidden ‘coded words’.

Whitley Strieber:
Wh is 2 ch, book 14, N = bl, bull. (add 0+66+66 … = “2112, “ul”.
add 0+66+66 .. = “sh”.
add 0+66+66 … = “PL”.
y is 25, New Testiment 5, book acts, “S”. (0+66+66 … = “act”).
SS is ss-66-66 .. = “E”.
Add 0, Ro is 1815, 1815+66+66 … = “UFO”.
b er = b 56, 58, “ET”. (er-66-66 … = “56″. 58+66+66 … = “ET”.
add “o” = 15+66 = “ha”.
Whitley Strieber = “Bull Shit Play HOT i.e. ET”.

Note: It is my opinion that Whitley Strieber was placed on the earth as an extreme example of much to do about nothing.

Hear is radio show. See: (HERE)


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  1. Thanks Mike _ I found this to be a very curious and faatniscing read ! Could this be the work of a nutcase ? Possible ? Yes. Could this be the work of an insider trying to create more confusion or feed elements of truth or opinions of truth ?I don’t know but I think they succeed in creating speculation and making us question. The talks go well with the narratives !Thanks Mike for this strange breakfast, like William Burrough’s Naked Lunch on the end of a fork.So much is explored here – even in one line stream of consciousness like sentences. Much like the authors say of parts of The Key. Things highlighted and left open. This maybe one of the most intelligent websites on the subject of aliens and weirdness and how humans are !This person(s) is very intelligent and really understands the whole Alienology movement and more !”Shift in the site of the encounter to individual contact; lack of overall pattern in encounter accounts; making too much of strangeness’; evolution of phenomenon; ETH as non-hypothesis but restricted explanation; online culture’s reaction against civic group-UFOlogy culture; illiteracy in ETH straw man; extra-terrestrial’ vs. from other nearby planets’; interdimensional’; false debate arising from circumstance; discontinuity in contact accounts; Vallee set up as counter-authority; wildest explanation taken as de facto true; analysis of encounters driven by cultural, political concerns; progress in understand occurs by accident Heterogeneity of metaphysical counter-culture’: New Agers, psychedelic enthusiasts, pagans, astrologers, hermeticists, shamanic revivalists; consensus reality escaped by degrees; sociology of paradigm emancipation; absence of philosophical training and critical thinking in sub-culture; rebellion as basic cultural fact; underdetermination in UFO data: unimaginable alien civilizations, totally impenetrable secret agencies”.Thanks Mike !Bright.

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