The word “Crash”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word b?eing translated and result of the translation. Loaded Letters/Words like ‘Crash’ were preplanned to contain special relationships between the letters. The death of Diane Schuler was an ‘Act of God’, confirmed by the decoding of the name ‘Diane Schueler’. (See)

This ET Corn Gods sting is very serious, a matter of Life and Death for the world.

C is 3, book of Lev.
V is 22, book of ss.
Add 0+66+66 … = “NET”.
add o
Crash = “Lesson ET Rash”.
c+66 = “69”.
6+66+66 … = “1920”, “ST”.
Add o+66+66 = 147, “ng”.
Crash = “Sting Rash”.


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