The word “Named”.

Note: Translated words like ‘Named indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation. God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.
Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

D is D+40, DD, again, DDD. (add 0+66+66 … = “Mt”, book 40).
Na-66-66 = “9”, 4+5, “De”.
me-66-66 … = “C”, “Code”. (add “o”, 0+66+66 .. = “or”, backwards is “ro”, book 45, “DE”)
D is 4, book of “Numbers”.
add 0+66+66 … = “mt”, book 1 AD, “an”.
Nu is 14 U, “Da”, 5001, ea, ea is La, 121, 121-66 = “55”, “Le”.
mb +66+66 … = “Mt”, book 40, 2020.

Named = “Decode Numbers and Letters”.

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