The word “Circle”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word being tA crop circleranslated and result of the translation. Loaded Letters/Words like ‘Circle’ were preplanned to contain special relationships between the letters. In the case of ‘Circle’, it converts directly to “Miracle” — hidden meaning as to say, “Look you dummy, it’s a miracle — an act of God”.

C is 100, add “0” to make a “1000”, “M”, “13”, “Ac”.
Circle = “Miracle”.
Ci is 39, book of Mal, “ET Alien”. (M is 13, AC, a5050, all, a1212, “124”. 124+66+66 … = “520”, “ET”. Al is Aluminum, um’s cancel. i is nine, “ie”. n’s cancel).
R is “OR” or “RO”. (add 0),
C+66+66 = “Ta”.
Circle = “ET Alien Or Tale”.
RO = 18+15+66+66 … = “21615”, “UFO”.
Circle = “ET Alien UFO Tale”.

Want to see what the “deliberate the obvious” scientists try to figure out the “Corn Circles” [here]


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