George R. Simpson applies for 1 Million-Dollar Challenge

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to James Randi, applying for the “Million-Dollar” challenge. 

Want to read the entire application: [HERE]
If you read the challenge application, you will see the text of my challenge — reproduced, here.
Note that, as a test of my “Paranormal” claim.  I propose that a randomly selected code translation set of “Bible Books” and “Elements” be used.  Sample: [HERE] and [HERE]

To read the Million Dollar Challenge from the James Randi website, click [HERE]

Stay Tuned!!



17 thoughts on “George R. Simpson applies for 1 Million-Dollar Challenge

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    • I expected them to hide — they know I will win. I can’t post on their site — they trough me off — maybe you can. Ask them why they won’t come out and play????
      George Simpson

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  8. At least you hav sum explanation why English iz a stupid mess and why people are so stubornly rezistant to changing it. My only explanation wuz that humanz are cement hedz! (Pour information in & it sets like cement)

  9. The reason that your challenge has not been accepted is because you cannot prove your claim. There is no way to prove that you were not visited by aliens (although I don’t believe for a second that you were). You are asking the JREF to test nothing.

    • My challenge was accepted, then they backed out. I can prove my claim, that’s why JREF backed out. Study the record, you will find that I proposed a protocol which when tested, would prove my claim. You are proving that you are without knowledge to say “you are asking JREF to test nothing”. I will win my lawsuit against these guys, and I will win the challenge. They are fools to believe that there is no GOD..

  10. Jesus Christ who came into this world as a man, stated as a fact that he was the son of the living God, also stated their were good and bad spirits in this world. Why is it people denounce the Bible, but believe in fairy tales? The Bible was and is a message to us, simply written so even a child could understand its meaning, then we have people bringing in strange doctrine such as this CornGod malarky to make void the living word of God. What I find most interesting is the fact, that I had put the entire genealogical record of my cousin in my book on the family, and immediately after including his CornGod material in my report, the information on him and his descendants was completely blotted out. Why did this happened? An entire part of my family strangely disappeared! I might add, that I have been ridicule for my Christian belief, claiming everything is coded and Christianity is a cursed religion. Maybe that is the reason his name and family was blotted out. I may never know why it happened, but it was done. I feel assure that our Heavenly Father was not pleased when I included this strange doctrine in my book. Now I have the task of retyping his material back into our family history, and will not include the CornGod doctrine.

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