The Alien with Pipe Crop Circle — Cherhill White Horse, Nr Calne, England.

Note: Translated words like “Alien with a smoking pipe”, in the name or location of Crop Circles indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

The Crop Circles are created by GOD to introduce the ET Corn Gods Language/Game. See the “Alien with the smoking pipe — [HERE]

7 times 4 Circles:
74 = “GOD”. (add “O”).
74-66 = Eight, 59, LI, L+i, “21”, “U”.
add 0+66+66 .. = “OF”, backwards is “FO”.
gh-66 = “L”.
LT = 50T, “5T” = “ET”.

7 times 4 Circles = “GOD UFO ET”.

Smoking Pipe:
ki is 119, “As”.
O as = “O” Atomic Symbol.
O atomic symbol is Atomic Number, “8”.
As N (Nitrogen) = “7”, “G”.
GG = 77, “7070”, DD, “GOD”
M is “Ac”, book Acts = “S”. (Act – 66-66 .. = “0”, drop it).
Ac is book 44, “God”.
Smoking = “God God God God”.
Pi is ip, backwards.
Ip-66-66 .. = “ET”.
Pipe = “Gpe”.
p is 16, book Ne, ne-66-66 = “M”.
M is ac.
c+66+66 = “me”.
e is five, i-f ve, code. (V = v+66+66 .. = “Od”)
e+66+66 .. = “Show”.

Smoking Pipe = “GOD GOD GOD GOD Game Code”.
Smoking Pipe = “GOD GOD GOD GOD Game Show”.

Che = “EH”, 58+66+66 .. = “ET”.
R+66+66 .. = “Al”, “Aluminum”, “Alin”, “Alien”. (um’s cancel, i is nine, ie. n’s cancel)
R is Ro, R+66+66 .. = “216”, “UF”.
H+66 = “74”, “GD”, “GOD”.
i+66+66 …. = “UFO”.
LL = “5050”, “100”, “C”, “Three” = “TH”, th-66-66 .. = “10”, J, “OJ”. (add “O”)
Oj-66-66 .. = “ET”.

Cherhill = “ET Alien, UFO, God ET”.

White Horse:
W is 23, 23+66 = “89”, “Hi”.
e is five, “i-f Ve” = “C ve”, “Ev”.
v+66+66 .. = “Od”.
te-66-66 = “G”.
White = “Hi Hi God”.
H is 8, book of Ru = “Alien UFO”. (R+66+66 .. = “Al”, “Aluminum” = “Alien” from above. U is UFO from above).
i+66+66 .. = “UFO”.
White = “Hi Alien UFO UFO God”.
H is Hydrogen.
H+66 = “GD”, “GOD”.
Yd is bed.
be is 25, book “La”.
L+66 = “GH”.
ha-66 = “O”.
Hydrogen = “God God rogen”.
Ro is “UFO” — from above.
ge-66 = “I”.
In-66 = “Bed”, “God”. (See above).
H = Hydrogen = “God God UFO God”.
e = Five, “Cve”< “EV”, “EE”.

White Horse = “Hi Hi God, God God UFO God Har See”.

Note: There can be no question that the message of this Comic looking Crop Circle is “GOD, UFO, ET, Alien, SHOW”. The Crop Circles are made by God/Alien/ET/UFO.


2 thoughts on “The Alien with Pipe Crop Circle — Cherhill White Horse, Nr Calne, England.

  1. This is the most unorganized description of a crop circle I have ever seen, none of it makes any sense because it’s all pulled out of random assortments of letters and numbers.

  2. None of the other “descriptions” you have ever read point to the source of the Crop Circles — if you want to learn something really important, hang around this site.

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