The “Morse Code” Crop Circle.

Note: Translated words like ‘Morse Code Crop Circle’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

The Crop Circles are created by GOD to introduce the ET Corn Gods Language/Game.

Morse Code:
See this Crop Circle at “Overton Down, nr Avebury, Wiltshire” — [HERE].

Note:  We have identified two pieces of “Morse Code”, the letter “S” (Dot Dot Dot) and the letter “J” (Dot Dash Dash Dash).

Look at the word “Morse”. It can be looked at as formula, “Mo RS E”.
“M or S e”.
M is ac, book Acts, Act-66-66 … = “0″, drop it.
Acts is book 44.
4+66 = 70, “Go”.
M or S e = “God or God e”.
e is five, i-f ve, Cve.
v+66+66 .. = “od”.

Morse = “God or God Code”.

Morse Code:
Mo is Mae.
Ma+66 = “Sg”.
S is 19, book of Ps, “Psalms”.
Psa = P Atomic Symbol, backwards is Phosphorus, “SRG”, backwards = “GRS”. (“Pho’s” cancel. US-66-66.. = “G”).
Sa L is Atomic Symbol L, backwards = “Mg”, backwards = “GM”.
m is ac, c+66+66 = “Me”.
E is “Five”, i-f ve, v+66+66 .. = “Od”.

Morse = “GRS Games, GRS Code”.

“letter “J” Code:
J = “Ten”.
Te is age, “S”. (T is 20, BO, b+o, “AG”).
Sn = 19 AD, book 58.
58+66+66…. = “ET”.

Ten = “ET”.

Te-66-66 .. = “G”.
N is ad, d is 500, 5+33, 38.
N = Ach = book M, ame. (ac = a c+66+66 .. = “Ame_.

Ten = “ET(Game)”.

J is 10, X, 24, New Testament 4, book Acts = “S”.  (See above)
J is 10, book 2 Sa, 2 atomic symbol, backwards = “Be”, backwards is 52, book “Ath”.
A is a+66+66 .. = “Si”, add 0+66 +66 .. = “Sn”, “Son”, “Pson”, “Mpson”. (add “o”, s is 19, book Ps. Again — P = S, M from above).
Th is 208, 2+8 = “10″, “J”, “OJ”. (Add “o”).
OJ-66-66 .. = “GR”.

J = “Simpson, GR”

Over ton = “Not”. (the word “Over” turn the rest of the word “Over”).
Not = “Iet”. (No = N+O, 29, 29+66 = “ie”).
i+66+66 … = “UFO”.
F is 6, “Vi”.
UFO = U vioet = “Teoiv” = “GOD”. (Te-66-66 … = “7″, “G”. iv = 4, “D”)

Overton = “UFO ET (GOD)”.

Note: God, through this Crop Circle, and the location (Overton) “I’m ET/UFO/GOD, an ET Game”.


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