The word “Manhattan”.


Note: Translated words like ‘Manhattan’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

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Thanks in part to publicity from a thread at the above website – a catastrophic event was foiled at the NYC New Year’s Eve Celebration.

We have learned that at approximately 10:45, EST, December 31, 2010, members of theManhattan Joint Terrorist Task Force surprised a team of terrorists who were about to launch a rocket carrying a nuclear device (A-bomb).

Five members of the terrorist team were captured and the rocket, rocket launcher, and bomb were confiscated. We believe that had the rocket been launched, millions of lives would have been lost.

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Tan = “ta-66-66 N”, “Cadd”, ca dnu, “31/12 AD 2010”. “D is d+40, 44, 4 is D, 500, 50, “L”, “12”).
Man is 13 atomic number, “Al”.
Ca is Calcium.
ium = Mi, mi-66-66 = “G”.
Cg = C07, “70”, 70-66 = “4”, book “Nu”, “AD 2010”.
Ca = “31 December AD 2010”.
ha-66 = “O”.
Manhattan = “Alot 31/12 AD 2010”
M an is AC atomic number, “Actinium”.
Atomic number 89, “God i.e.”. (8+66 = “gd”, “God”. i is nine, “i.e.”, n’s cancel).
W is “Tungsten”:
W is “Tungsten”.
Tu is T+U, 41, “Da”, “500a”, “51”, “La”.
Tungsten = “Lang sten”.
S is ai, “age”, “Boe”, “Te”.
Te-66-66 … = “G”, “Us”, Uage”.
Ten is Sn, 19 AD, book 58, 58+66+66 … = “ET”.
Tungsten = “Language ET”.
C and U cancel
tin is Sn, sn-66-66 …. = “0”, drop it.
M an = “A Bomb”.
At is “A Bomb”.
H+66 = “74”, “God”.
Manhattan = “Languate ET, God, A-Bomb, 31/12 AD 2010”
T is 20, “Bomb”.
ung = “Bang”.
N is 14, book “2 38”
St-66-66 … = Six, “Vi”, 229, “31”.
T is ue, “50”, “L”, “L”.
e is 5, backwards is 50, L, backwards is 21, “U”.
Ung = “Gn”, ga-66 = “ed”, ed+66+66 .. = “AT”, “A Bomb”. (T is Bo, add 0+66+66 .. = “Mb”)
Gs is 719, gi, gi-66 = “M”, “Manhattan”. (add 0+66+66 .. = Mt, book 40, 1 ad, “An”. add o+66 = “Ha”. Add 40, 2020, “TT”, add an).
Tungsten = “Bomb Uranium 238 Manhattan 12/31/2010 AD”.
Manhattan = “Bomb Uranium 238 Manhattan 12/31/2010 AD, God, A-Bomb, 31/12 AD 2010”

Note: The word “Manhattan” decoded to reveal the 911 attack on the WTC.


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