The word “Comment”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word being translated and result of the translation.

Com = “mo”.
Comment = “Moment”.
add 0+66+66 … = “924”, “IX”, “iLL”, “IC”.
me-66-66 = C.
Cn = “C 14”, “41”, book of “Mark”,
ma+66+66 … = “SG”.
K+66+66 … = “GRS”.
Nt is Ad 20, book James.
add o, oj+66+66 … = “GR”.
a+66+66 … = “Si”.
add 0+66+66 …. = “Sn”, “Son”, “Pson”. (add o, s is 19, book “Ps”).
es-66-66 … = “eg”.
Comment = “Comic SGR/GRS G.R.Simpson e.g.”.
Co = C 15, 51, La, Laugh. (add 0+66+66 … = “Ugh”).
Me-66-66 … = “C”.
Nt is 20 AD, book 59, Li, L+i = 12+9, 21, U.
C and U cancel.
Comment = “Laugh”.


8 thoughts on “The word “Comment”.

  1. Now this one makes perfect since i think you have a great sense of humor!!

    btw, i had asked this question earlier but you might have missed it…where in 04-62 does it say you won? I don’t understand all that legal stuff but really want to.

    you are one cool cat!! i love how you file your suits, stand up sites, etc to fight everyone and make them spend money.

  2. Aw…you didn’t answer my question about where in 04-62 does it say you won. I don’t understand all that legal stuff and just wanted to learn.

  3. I said the wrong number. The main suit was 04-168 in the Superior Court of the USVI — not on the internet. I won the case in 2005.

    My counterclaims are yet to be tried. Justice (if you ever get it) is very slow.

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