The word “Cut”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word being translated and result of the translation.

Cu is Copper, C op per = “Pope R”.
Cut = “Pope Rot”. (add “o”).
Rt = r+t, 38, CH = 80, 80+66+66 …. = “Bull”.Pope
Cut = “Pope Bull”.
Cut = Cb at.
Cb+66+66 … = “Rich”.
a+66+66 … = “si”.
Cut = “Rich Sit”.
Cb is 3 New Testament, “Lk”, “Look”. (add oo).
cut = “Look At”.
Cut = C UT = Tu, 20+21, 31, 31+66+66 … = “Pope”, “Posh”.
Cut = “Pope”.
Cut = “Posh”.


6 thoughts on “The word “Cut”.

  1. The translations are math, the interpretation is up to anyone’s imagination.

    No one should need these translations to be able to see what a dangerous thing this Pope thing is.

    This stuff is supposed to create lots of controversy.

  2. I know it is suppose to creat controversy which is why i am suprised you only focus on christian and not others like jews, muslims, etc.

    i think it is fair to say it is to denounce the christian faith only…since that is all they tell you to decode.

  3. And the UFO/ETs used muslims to carry out the attacks so obviously they (the UFO/ETs) are not afraid of islam yet you avoid any controversial translations.

  4. The UFO/ET/Alien — and God are all the same (i think).

    The main marvel is that the whole world thinks 1) the airplanes caused the buildings to fall, or 2) there is a Gov’t conspiracy.

    Neither is possible — God controls everyone’s mind. What other explanation could there be?

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