The word “Baptist”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word being translated and result of the translation.

Baptist = U ptist = tsitp, tatp. (si-66-66 .. = “1”, “a”).
ta-66-66 = c.
add 0+66+66 …. = “UL”.Baptist
tat = “Cult”.
P is 16, book Ne, Nehemiah.
e+66+66 … = “ow”.
he+66+66 .. = “How”.
ia-66 = be, y.
add 0+66+66 … = “Fait”.
Baptist = “Cult Now How My Faith”.
ap -66-66 … = “L”.
t’s cancel.
Baptist = “Blis”.
add 0+66+66 … = “ul”.
Baptist = “Bull Is”.
Li+66 = Se.
es-66-66 … = “eg”.
Baptist = “BS e.g.”.


7 thoughts on “The word “Baptist”.

  1. Playing it safe will not spread your message. you need to expand if this is really meant to end ALL religions as you keep saying (and i believe you).

    when is the next chapter of your book comming out?

    what about the condo suit? anything anyone can do to help?

  2. i was thinking, someone with all the writting contacts that you have you should send them your book or get them to interview you about the ET Corn Gods.

    The websites are good, but are not getting the word out. What about NASA, do you still know anyone there that might be able to help? Or Cornell University?

    What about your business clients? Surly they might know someone in the publishing/tv/radio business to get some publicity?

  3. Next chapters should come late this wk or early next.
    You should realize that this is not my battle, I’m the messenger — the ET’s have a time table, and will create events.
    I’m pleased with the progress.
    There has never been anything really big like this in the history of the World.
    Very few people have any ability to see beyond the end of their nose (you are one of those).
    When many switch over, virtually all will switch over.
    I have started a new website — That should help with the Corn Circle followers.
    Thanks for your concerns and ideas.
    I’m doing very well on all my lawsuits. Won the main one, no longer have any downside — only millions of dollars of upside.

  4. I won the main suit in Superior Court of the USVI — 04-62 where the condo association sued me for installing windows — the court ruled I had a right to install the windows.

    The suit continues — the Court has to rule on my counter claims against Condo Association.

    After causing jref to spend about $30,000 defending the suit, I withdrew it. Just didn’t have the time to continue.

    Those “anti-religion” guys are worst Bigots than any bunch of jesus freeks I have met.

    Thanks for your concern, but I really don’t need any help on the lawsuits.

  5. Rock on! Though I thought that 04-62 just combined a bunch of stuff into a single suit…but what do I know since I don’t understand all that legal stuff.

    One cool cat, filing suits so they have to spend money on their defense!

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