The word “Spiral”.


Note: Translated words like ‘ Spiral’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Pi is Ip, backwards, IP-66-66 … = “ET”, backwards is “Te”, te-66-66 … = “7″, “G”).
Al is La, backwards is book 25, backwards is “52″, 52+66+66 …. = “Ar”, “Argon” = “Arg U”. (On is No, backwards, no-66-66 = “Ie”, backwards is “ei”, 59, “LI”, L+i = 21, “U”).
a+66+66 = “Si”.
add 0+66+66 … = “Sn”, “Son”, “pson”, “Mpson”. (add “o”, s is 19, book Ps. P is book ne, ne-66-66 = “M”).
Spiral = “SGR, Simpson, GR”.
Sp is Ps, backwards, book 19, backwards is 91, 91-66 = “25″.
Spi = 259, “F1″.
f+66+66 .. = “St”.
Spiral = “Star al”.
al is la, backwards, book 25, backwards is “52″.
52+66+66 … = “Ar”, “Argon”, “Simpson, GR”.
Spirl = “Star Simpson, GR”.

The picture above appeared on the NASA website as the Piicture of the Day on 9/14/10.

NASA “Picture of the Day”.

Note: Picture shown is from 9/14/2010.
SP = S+P-33, 19+16+33 = 68, 68-66 = “2″.
bi+66 = “i.e.”.
ra-66 = “Di”.
Spiral = “i.e. Dial”.

Note: This is a formula for the use of the ET Corn Gods language — “i.e. Dial”


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