The word “Collapse”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusral relationships between the word being translated and result of the translation.

Collapse:Crane Collapse in NYC, May 30, 2008
Col is Ca el, atomic number 20, T.
ap is 116, 116-66 = “50”, “L”.
Collapse = “Tall Se”.
e+66+66 … = “show”.
ss-66-66 … = “wo”.
drop one “o”.
Collapse = “Tall Wow”.


9 thoughts on “The word “Collapse”.

  1. I don’t know, I just am never able to use the language to predict (translates to “pre verdict”) stuff before it happens.

    It’s scary enough to know that these disasters are pre-planned — thousands of people killed in WTC 911, earthquakes, Floods, cyclones, tornadoes, etc.

    When I started this trip (23 yrs ago), I was told “Your are under my control”. I’m always aware that I am under their (his) control.

    Here’s a story.

    I was in St Thomas (we lived there) and was attacked by two much younger men (I was 66, they were each about 31). They almost killed me. Caused me to have to go to the Hospital, I had a stroke.

    On the day I was attacked, I was aware that the first three letters of the word “Crime” corresponded to the date of the attack (3/18, CR, March 18). I didn’t think that the rest of the word might include clues of another “Crime”.

    On 9/13 — letters “im”, my wife and I were attacked in our parking lot — in St Thomas — by two men. She was almost killed — required 11 stitches to close up the wound in her head due to the pistol gashes.

    The word “Crime”, decoded to be “3/18 9/13 5” — the year was 2005, or simply 05.

    The probability of this happening “to me” by accident has got to be something like one in 10,000,000.

    Scary to know that we were attacked “on target”, controlled by ET/UFO (God).

    This stuff is very serious.

  2. That is to bad. But you admit it is possible to predict things? You should just get a dictionary and go though decoding every word, then you would know.

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