The word “Boston”.

Note: Translated words like “Boston” indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Boston:To is 2015. Therefore: Boston = “Bos 2015 AD”. B is 2, book ex, “e”, e+66+66 … = “Snow”. os-66-66 … = 1, 1000, “M”. add 0+66, “66”. 6 is vi, I = ix, I 2+4, I 6. 66+66+66 … = “or”. Therefore:

Boston = “Snow Storm 2015 AD”.

How does George R. Simpson do these translations? See [HERE].  Other exact date translations [HERE].


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