James Randi’s Lawyer, Michael Holtmann, misrepresents the facts to the Federal Court – repeatedly, gets away with – but not for long!!

We have given extensive coverage of the federal district court lawsuit George R. Simpson has filed against James Randi, JREF, and the President of JREF, D.J. Grothe.
The suit asks the court to make James Randi, et al own up to their offer and test the ET Corn Gods language/game for being paranormal. [HERE]

The lawyer representing Defendants James Randi et al, and opposing George R. Simpson, is Michael A. Holtman a Partner for a large Florida law firm, Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A.

Attorney Holtmann began the Defendants’ part in the lawsuit with two acts which by the Court rules should have caused them to lose the lawsuit by Default.

First, he was three days late filing his court papers aimed at dismissing the lawsuit (a frequent beginning strategy, aimed at trying to get the lawsuit dismissed).

He only filed the papers after George R. Simpson had filed a motion for default.But attorney Holtmann cried to the Court that he wasn’t that late, and some other defenses. The Court did not rule them in Default.

Then, George R. Simpson filed another motion for Default.[HERE]    This time because, even though Holtman had certified that he had served (mailed) Plaintiff Simpson with three sets of Court documents, they had not been mailed.

In an email from Michael Holtmann to George Simpson, the attorney agreed that he hadn’t served the papers, but in his objection to, and a copy of that self damning email was provided as a copy of George R. Simpson’s motion for default.

But in opposition to the motion for Default, attorney Holtmann lied and said there was no truth in Mr. Simpson’s assertion that he had not served the documents. [HERE]   Contrary to the Court rules (requiring specificity and completeness in pleadings), attorney Holtmann did not address Mr. Simpson’s key evidence (Holtmann’s admission in his email) – for the obvious reason. The key evidence was his own words which proved him to be dishonest.[Reply HERE]

It is sad, but true that one of the ET Corn Gods language/game translations for the word “Justice” is:

Justice = “Just Lie”. (ice = i05 = 50, l, I is nine, ie. N’s cancel)

I’ve had lots of experience with lawyers who lie.  I found that many lawyers lie, and I have yet to see a Court (Judge) that would enforce the strict rules against lawyers who lie,  The American Bar Association guidelines say “One Lie, you get disbared”. The judges are in the same club, they are also lawyers.

Probably the worst punishment for Lawyers who are caught lying is what it does for his/her social position. People don’t mind it if someone is doing illegal things. They do mind it if you get caught doing illegal things, and there is wide publicity.  Look here for George R. Simpson’s motion for reconsideration of the Judges’s Order.   [HERE]

With the Internet, it is much easier to shine light upon a liar.

Once, on another of his blogs, (www.eastendlistings.com), George R. Simpson published numerous posts about the dishonesty of Southampton Press Publisher, Joe Loucheim.  If you Google his name you find many pages of references to him as dishonest – a liar. Those refferences to his dishonesty will be on Google, perhaps forever.

Joe Loucheim has two sons, one 10 and one 11.

If the Simpson vs Randi case becomes a high profile lawsuit, (we believe it will) the publicity of attorney Holtmann’s dishonesty is likely to rub off on everyone in his law firm.

Attorney Holtmann has a teenage son.

Look [HERE] for a ET Corn Gods language/game translation of “Michael A. Holtmann”.