Damage Done by James Randi and other “Skeptics”.

James Randi (and his imitators) runs around the world saying, “there is no GOD”, “no such thing as paranormal”, “Psychics are phony”, “GOD can’t heal”. James Randi and his cohorts discourage people from trying things and believing in things, which might help them, even save their life.

Randi and company turn you away from everything that can’t be proven by the “Skeptics” extremely sophomoric definition of “critical thinking” or “scientific methods”. James Randi has no formal training in science, yet he is an expert in “scientific methods”.

I wish James Randi and his buddies would keep their mouths shut. They don’t know what they are talking about. GOD is real, and in control of everything. The paranormal is live and well, and Psychics are sometimes real and in touch with “the other side”. GOD can heal.

My Healings

Almost 30 years ago, I found that I could heal people. In the last 30 years I have healed 27 people (my rough count). I have also failed to heal about 35 percent of the people I tried to heal. Most of the people I have healed had terminal diseases, lots of Cancer. I just put my hands on them, concentrate (meditate), asking them and their love ones to do the same. Of course, it is not me doing the healing, it is GOD healing through me.

Sometimes, I do it over the phone. Once, my wife and I were sitting in beach chairs on Sapphire Bay, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. We heard that a friend of mine had cancer and was given about six months to live. I called him on my cell phone with his wife on the line. Jokingly, I asked his wife if he was worth saving, she went ballistic – wives don’t have a sense of humor. Anyway, after that 20 minutes, he was healed, seven years later is walking around, even plays golf.

The second time I healed someone, it was an eleven year old girl, Elizabeth Olsen. Her dad was a good friend of mine, and she was in my Girl Scout troop, yes, you heard it right, I was a Girl Scout leader. Elizabeth had a brain tumor. She had been through lots of chemo and lots of radiation, but the tumor was still growing.

Dick Olsen, Elizabeth’s dad called me one day. He was crying. He said that the doctors had given Elizabeth only a short time to live. I told him to bring Elizabeth over to my house, I wanted to try something on her. I did my thing with my hands on Elizabeth’s head, my wife Jean and Dick looking on.

The next week, Dick took Elizabeth to the doctor and the tumor was gone. Elizabeth is alive and well, 27 years later.

But most of the people I offer to heal won’t let me try to heal – in my opinion, because of “Religious Leaders” like James Randi.

Through a close friend of mine, I met Leon Jaroff. Leon is retired, he’s an old fart like me. He had a distinguished career as a science editor, was the top science writer/editor for TIME Magazine, and was the Editor and Chief of a science publication, owned by TIME/LIFE that is no longer in print.

Leon is a friend of James Randi. He thinks that Randi hung the moon. When Leon developed cancer, he wouldn’t let me try to heal him. Leon Jaroff is a Skeptic. He doesn’t believe in miracles.

Leon is now very close to death.

I had a friend named Peter Collins. Peter had cancer, and wouldn’t let me try to heal him. I tried directly with him and through his MD daughter. Peter was a “Deacon” in the Episcopal church. He died from the Cancer.

I have offered to try to heal lots of people I heard about through internet websites. A few have accepted and I healed them. Most won’t have anything to do with “Healing”. Most have died.

There is a Facebook page called “Fight On Jackson” [HERE], also a website [HERE]. Jackson is a nine-year-old boy, dying of bone cancer. I have offered (by email) to try to heal him many times. His parents don’t even have the courtesy to answer my emails. Recently Jackson went into Hospice, his parents have given up on Jackson, and still won’t answer my emails.

Jackson’s name and address is: Jackson Panzarello P.O. Box 86066 L.A., CA 90086

The Events of 911 2001 AD.

The events of September 11, 2001 AD were a series of miracles (Acts of GOD). There were many things which happened on that famous day, but according to the laws of physics and chemistry, those things could not have happened.

Yet, thousands of engineers and other technical people have signed on to a “TRUTH Movement”, saying that these events were the result of a man made conspiracy.

Neither was possible. The events of 911 couldn’t have happened because of the Airplanes hitting the buildings, and they couldn’t have happened due to any man made plan and/or action.

Because of people like James Randi, and other religious leaders, these engineers and technical people can’t realize that those things which can’t have happened, but do happen are acts of GOD. (other examples — the Pyramids)

The date: “911 2001 AD” converts to the word “Religion”.

911-66-66 = “Re”
2001 = 21, L+I, “LI”.
AD is 7 Ion.
911 2001 AD = “Religion”.

The words “French Open”.

Note: Translated words like the word ‘French Open’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation. God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

French Open:
F is 6, “June”.
Re is ahe, he-66 = s.
Re = “K I”.
French = “June 11 inch”.
I is 9, ix, 924-66-66 .. = “0”, drop it.
N is 14, 2+12, “2012”.
2 is B, Boron = “Bad”.  (drop “o”, or-66-66 .. = “0”)
French = June 11, 2012 AD, ch”.
C+66 = Fi.
H is 80, 80-66 = 14, “N”.
Add 0+66+66 .. = “924”, “Sh”.
924 is ix, nine, “I”.
French = “June 11, 2012 AD Finish”.
O is 15, book Ezra.
O is 15, book “Ezra”.
Add 0+66 = 66+66+66 ..= “PL”, “Af L”.
Add o, ae.
R = “Rafael”
A is Roman Numeral I, I+66+66 = “Na”.
Add 0+66+66 .. = “or”, backwards is ro, book de.
E is five, I-f ve = ee, el.  (e is 5, 50, “L”)
Open = “Ez Rafael Nadel pen”.
E = 5+66. “71”
1z = abf
ab is L, 50, 50+f = 56, 56+66+66 .. = “in”
ab is 12, 10 2
10+66+66 .. = “Th”.
Bbf = 22+6, 28, 2012 AD.
Open = “7th in 2012 AD Rafael Nadel Pen”.
Pe+66+66 .. = “Wa”, “Wi”.  (I is roman number 1, a)
Open = “7th in 2012 AD Rafael Nadel Win”.

French Open = “June 11, 2012 AD Finish, 7th in 2012 AD Rafael Nadel Win”.



The word “Quaint”.

Note: Translated words like the word ‘Quaint’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation. God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.

Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.

Ain is ain-66-66 .. = “66”, book “Rev”, backwards is ver, “eer”.
T is 20, 14 + 6, NF, AD F book “Romans”.
Om is one, a.  (m+66+66 .. = “ne”)
An is 1 AD, Ad 1.
D is 4, 44.  (40, book Mt.  Mt-66-66 .. = “0”)
Romans = “Rand aai”.
A is 1, Roman Numeral “I”.
Ai+40 = 59, book James. (40, book Mt.  Mt-66-66 .. = “0”)

Quaint = “Queer Randi, James”.

Ain is 19 Ad, book Hebrews.
He-66 = S, cancels with “s”.
Br is b+r, 20, bo, bae, ue = “L”.
L is 50, -40 = “J”. (40, book Mt.  Mt-66-66 .. = “0”)
T is “Short”.  (add 0+66+66 .. = “SHOR”.
W is 23, 2+3, 5.
Ew = 55, le, 125,
1 ia one. On is or, sn, tin.
E is five, I-f ve = cve, ve, ee.
E is 5, 50, L.
Add “o”, o+66+66 = “Ng”.
E is five, I-f ve = cve, ee, ev, again eee.
E is 5, 500, d.
add 0+66+66 = “bal”
E = “Bald”.
Ev = e r+d
E is 5+66 = “Ga”.
G is 25, be.
Ev = “Beard”

Quaint = “Queer Short Tiny Long Beard Bald Jew, Randi, James”.