The Amazing “James Randi” refuses to come up against George R. Simpson — and the ET Corn Gods Language/Game

Randi Chicken’s Out

It has been months since George R. Simpson applied for the “Million Dollar Challenge”. [HERE] and [HERE]. We received one email from James Randi’s Challenge Coordinator — months ago. The email acknowledged receipt of the application and said they needed a “two or three weeks” more to evaluate the application. That was months ago. We sent follow-up emails, and made phone calls. No answer of the emails and no return of the phone calls. The website show the last application was received Aug 22, 2009.  DowserDon has a forum thread on the website which details the runaround he has been given — for over a year – on his challenge. [HERE] It is likely that the $1 Million Challenge is simply a FRAUD.

James Randi bills himself as a champion of those who are prey to Charlatons, but he himself is a charlaton – promising to accept challenges and not following through – the $Million Dollar Challenge [HERE] is simply bait to keep him in business.