The words “Corn Circle”.

Corn Circle

Note: Translated words like ‘ Corn Circle’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation.

Corn Circle:
Or = 1518, 1518-66-66 … = “924’, ‘ix”, Roman Numerial 9, “i”.
add o.
R is Ro, book 45, “De”. (add o).
Corn Circle = “Coincide cle”.
C+66 = “Ta”.
Tal-66-66 … = “0”.
0+66+66 .. = “Mt”, book 40, 1 AD, 114, “CN”, backwards is “Nc”.
Corn Circle = “Coincidence”.

Note: What a clever thing for “God” to do — have the words “Corn Circle” convert to the hidden message “Coincidence”. The word “Coincidence” also converts to “Coins — found on Mars”.