Obama’s Likeness at a “Pyramid”.

Note: Translated words indicate unusual relationships between the word being translated and result of the translation. Letters/Words like ‘Pyramid’ were preplanned to contain special relationships between the letters.¬†Prez Obama

In the case of ‘Pyramid’, the representation of President Obama’s head was put in a Pyramid to show that the word ‘Pyramid’ contains a coded reference to President Obama.

add “O”.
Po-66-66 … = “Ca”, “31”, book of “Ob”, “Barak Obama, AD 2009 Job”. See: (HERE)
Yr is “Year”.
Am is “Americium”.
add 0+66+66 … = “Mt”, book “40”, book “1AD”, “An”.
Americium = “American Ium”, “Iuac” = “Cai”.
Ca is “Barak Obama”. (See above).
i is 9, nine, 95-66 = “29”, “2009”.
e+66+66 = “ow”.
Nine = “AD 2009 Now”.
Add 0+66+66 … = “Sn”, S is 19, 19+66 = “85”, “Head”.
Pyramid = “Barak Obama Head, AD 2009 Job, Year American Ad 2009 Now, ID”.

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